Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Problem or the Solution

I was walking back to the house after dropping D off yesterday morning, and a thought rang in my head.
By now, I could post that I'm a hope kind of person. I hope for the best, I hope for the future, and I hope that life will work itself out when times get rough. I hope.
I pity those who live without hope. I pity those who believe that this is what life gives us, and we have no choice but to deal with it. We can always make what's given to us, better. All we have to do is change our outlook. There are always people in this world who have it worse.
This is how I survive. I will always know that there are people who have it worse than myself at that specific point in time. I will always have a roof over my head. I will always have my needs met, all I need to do is ask for help when I need it. Whether that help comes from family or a social service doesn't make a difference to me. I only use them when I need it, like it was intended.
I believe that I can create a perfect world for my children. I have always believed that. I may not have control of how the world operates outside of my home, but I can contribute to it, to make it better than it was, and I can control the environment inside my home.
I recycle. My kids know the difference between recyclable items and non, and they know the difference between a recycling bin and a garbage can. My kids know to turn off the lights and electronics when leaving a room, and do it before I can even ask about it. They know to take a quick shower, or request a bath for longer durations, as well as turning off the water while brushing their teeth to preserve. They know not to waste food. They even offer their toys to donation.
My kids first words were dad, mom, please, and thank you.
I'm not much like other parents from my perspective.
Now, all of this doesn't mean that my kids are perfect angels all the time, they certainly have a tendency to drive me insane at their most opportune time. They heckle, they poke & prod, they repeatedly ask something until they get a clear response (yes, that means I sometimes tune them out), they fight & bicker and drive each other nuts to get attention (yes, that means sometimes I tune out everything). They do things normal kids do.
My point is, in all of this, out of all the crappy and stupid things that have happened in my lifespan, I've always been able to see the silver lining. I've always hoped for better, for a more opportune time to have fun, for the opportunity to learn from what I've just been (either forced or not) experiencing. I'm working very hard at making sure my kids have the same outlook. I'm their example, and by golly I'm gonna make sure it's the one I want them to be. I want them to see that no matter what, life goes on, and they can do something about it.
As this occurred to me, it kinda of popped into my head that you can be two kinds of people (as I so many others have said). You can be a part of the solution, or a part of the problem. Which one do you aim to be at the end of the day?

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Good post. The thing is what some people see as problem solvers others see as the problem itself!!

only a movie said...

Oh, what a great post, Amber! I agree with you 100%.

Hope you are having a fun weekend.

the girl in stiletto said...

congratulations! you're doing a great job on this one. your boys are really really lucky to have you as their mother :) and yes! people should not waste on resources & should recycle more. i hate to see this world loses its beautiful nature.