Monday, March 02, 2009


Ahh the weekend is's back in session, and it's rather quiet here this morning. Do I sew? Do I clean? Nope...I blog.
D had his second session of private skating lessons this weekend (Can you believe we'll be paying $34.50 per session??). I let the Mr take him by himself, as I didn't feel like an early morning fiasco at the arena. I got a call about 45 minutes later with the Mr asking me how I felt about D competing. Apparently the teacher thought he has the personality of a performer, and wants to encourage him to compete with others on his level. Seriously lady, it's the second time you've met him.
Anyhow, my first thought was "Yeah right, it's just another scheme to bleed us dry of any extra funds we may happen to have".
Then I thought, "why not?" Sure, it might cost us to have him compete, by why should I rule it out just because of the cost (which, for a rarity, we can actually afford right now)?
I'm not going to say it's like the Olympics or anything, but a competition is a competition. I will always cheer him on whether he wins or loses, and no matter what I'd make sure he was satisfied with his own level of effort. Heck, I'd even be moderately excited to give my hand at a performance outfit. Is it wrong that I'd love to see my boy in sequins? No sequins? Ok, how about a fur trim? I know, I know, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Point is, I actually haven't really encouraged competition a whole lot in my boy. Sure, I cheer him on on each team he happens to be on. Sure I congratulate him if they win, but I congratulate him when they loose too. He's never been one to be bitterly disappointed at his own loss (unless you let him play Wii for hours on end and he can't get past that stupid part to finish the game, then he needs a break for a while, and he's right back at it). I hope that's a good thing.
So, with a competition to work for, I wonder if we'd be keeping the private lessons for longer than we would have without it? I mean, she secured a small salary for herself by putting this forth cause you know we won't be up for the training.
On that note, I'll leave you with this image. My little D in a crown (about 2 years ago now), he always did have an eye for the sparkly. Just picture him on a podium...
Did I ask if I was getting ahead of myself?

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

any competition will be good for him prolly!!
But it is prolly a scheme to bleed you!

Amarie said...

Sequins? Ok! Fur? Noooo! lol
I wish him all the best (and you, too!)