Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Update

Wow. What a day!
I slept...all day. I woke up when my MIL called to let me talk to H (they boys slept over at her place last night), and afterwards I came downstairs, plopped in front of the tv, watched a 30 minute show, and fell asleep. Two hours later I awoke when MIL & kids arrived home. I was awake for about an hour and a half with the kids, then it was nap time H. We slept for 3 hours.
I have a sleep headache.
Saturday morning I rose with the kids, and let Mr sleep in (as he's been in pain and struggling a bit with his guilt of wanting to earn something and not resting his foot better). We ate and played about, did some artwork...then H & I (D didn't feel like it, he wanted to make artwork instead) started on a super yummy Devil's Food cake for MIL's B/F's birthday celebration that we were to have that night. I'm serious when I say all I did was aid in holding the heavy mixer, and measure out the ingredients. H poured, and mixed till his heart was content. He even buttered the pan for me. We got it baked, and while Mr was busy playing with the kids, I did the clean-up of dishes & counters, and then I made some super to-die-for Chocolate Buttercream frosting. It was so difficult not to eat the entire batch. I decided to go with only half of the cake. I cut the half in half, and stacked them on top of each other, thus making a smaller cake. The MIL had already made one, but seeing as I didn't really have anything else to give, I thought I'd offer up our effort. Anyhow, iced it, tossed on some chocolate mint sprinkles, and we were good to go. H even got to lick the beaters...

I met up with another member of my Raffle Committee. Our mission was to bundle the donations we had received into comprehensible groups for raffling purposes. It took said person and I two whole hours to get everything bundled, and organized, and labeled. I feel good that it's finally accomplished and I won't need to worry about it.
Arrived home, got the boys' bags ready for their sleepover, and headed out the door. Made it to MIL's, ate dinner, and was playing with the kids awaiting the UFC fight to begin on Pay Per View. Give the boys a bath, settle into PJ's, and get late night snacks before Mr's friend arrives to join us. We visit a bit, and then MIL's B/F gets a phone call. It's, like 10:30pm. A neighbor had phoned to warn us that there had been a murder about 2 miles down the road from us, and that the perp was last seen headed in our direction. Great. Get us all up to go lock our truck (hey, it's in the country, it's usually not necessary), and lock up the house. Oh boy. Well, after much debating, I ge the kids to sleep, we watch the fight, and then head back home. We were concerned all night for their safety. Nothing personal, but the events down the road were enough to make anyone nervous, ya know? It turns out that there was some sort of home invasion/robbery in which said home owner attempted to stopt he guy, and was shot twice at close range in the chest. No deaths, but the guy got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Well, the Mr and I embarked on our second photo session together last night. It's quite productive I must say. I'm rather impressed with how well it seems to be going, about how well he's starting to understand my photo therapy. I'm also impressed at just how attractive he is when I see him through the lens. Not that I didn't have that impression before, but wow!

Update: Mr asked me to remove pictures, they weren't his fav from the series, they were mine.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Jodi said...

Those pictures turned out really nice! Great job! Photo therapy is good therapy!

My expressions LIVE said...

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! I like what you have done in these photos, very artistic. I think you have found a very neat hobby, before you know it. People will be paying you to take photos like these. Very well done! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The cake was very much appreciated and enjoyed (I enjoyed as best I could with its aroma and visual appeal)! Don has frozen pieces for later. Made gifts are dear gifts. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I like that second picture, of him doing the praying position. Nice shot!

All-day sleep sounds awesome, but I can see how it can get you tired and lethargic too. Hehe.

Amarie said...

Glad to hear no one lost their life in that incident. Must have been very unsettling for you guys.

Janet said...

hehehe until I enlarged that photo I thought it was a meatloaf with kale on top!