Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ahhh...accomplishment. It's ah-maze-ing. I am basking in my own glory.

I started this morning thinking I was going to make something. I was determined. I ended up working on a few things. I slapped the curtains for the bunk bed together, and now only need to press and top-stitch, and make the straps to hang them from and I'm finished them. I made a pair of pants for H, but need to adjust my pattern so they fit properly.
My MIL popped over to take me to the fabric store, and it was all downhill from there. I bought some upholstery fabric and came home with a plan. Over a period of about 6 hours, off an on because I had other things to do with the kids and what-not, I made myself a new purse. I found this fabulous purse that I loved in a catalog at my MIL's, and brought it home with me. The catalog, not the purse. I've been eying it as the new replacement for my old denim thing.
Now, in most cases when I see something I like, I go home with it in mind, and eventually make a pattern in my mind, then transfer the pieces to a roll of blank newspaper print. I spent about an hour working on the pattern, then on to actually figuring out how to put it together, mainly why it took so long (asides from family obligations). It was a bit of a challenge, but I figured it out eventually.
Yes...I'm satisfied. It's tacky, but it's me. And dammit, I'm proud it actually worked out the way I wanted it to.The cost of the purse in the catalog? $164.00 plus shipping.
The cost of my creation? About $6.
I kicked some major ass.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Amarie said...

You sure did! It's actually very nice. I would have never been able to do it and have it come out so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

looks great, good job. MUM.

My expressions LIVE said...

Hmmm I love your talents....very nicely done!...xoox

Anonymous said...

Tacky? Not by a long shot. What a beautiful purse Amber!

Anonymous said...

Dang. You should sell to my bride!

She never paid that lil for a satchel!

Jack said...

You are soooo creative! Very nice Amber :)

Ever thought of putting some things on Etsy?