Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm One Hot Mama

Yup, it's true. I fit the criteria as a Hot Mama.
I'm doing a Hot Mama dance right now, but you don't need to see that. ;o)
My thanks to Sage & the guys over at Hot Dads.
You hear that everyone? Hot Dads, go visit it, it's funny, and insightful. You know you're dying to read life from a dad's point of view, or heck, even life from a man's point of view. Go visit them!

5 thoughtful remarks:

Amarie said...

Well, after Thursday's photo,I can definitely see why! :-D

Anonymous said...

You surely fit the bill!!!

atta girl.

Mary said...

Too funny, I just came accross their blog the other day and it cracked me up! Congrats!

skywind said...

Oh, funny. :)
What is Really Healthy-Health Blog
Humor & Fun World-Funny Blog

Anonymous said...

yes, you are one HAWT momma!

Well deserved my dear!