Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, so my morning meltdown turned out not too bad. I'm still missing my pictures pretty bad, but at least I have a tech guy in the family who's willing to try and salvage them if they can be.
My MIL was nice and bought the makings for dinner as well as an ice creak cake! Yum :o)
I found the two main PTO documents online on my yahoo group, but I did have quite a lot of updating and figuring to do with them, I still need to remake the last one, which hopefully will take no time at all. As my day went on I discovered that I'm starting to miss all the links that I had saved in my favorite bookmarks, I only hope I can remember the most important ones that I visit.
I managed to finish some sewing, and hopefully will complete all tomorrow. I will need to look up a recipe for window paint that washes off easily, as it's my job to go make nice decorations on the school's front windows for this Friday.
Just need to breathe...I'm capable to overcoming the losses that I face with my missing hard drive. I'd give it a funeral if I could...
I'm going to chalk it up to divine intervention that I thought a day beforehand to start following all of those that I read on a regular basis, but did not least that'll save me some brainstorming.
Thank goodness for caffeine.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Jack said...

Keeping fingers crossed for ya!

the girl in stiletto said...

awww that sucks... i crashed my laptop once, i lost most of my pictures but weirdly enough mp3s were still intact. hope all be well for you :)