Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Love My Family

Yesterday morning I was making breakfast for H, and out of no where he walked up to my leg and hugged it, then said "I love you mom" and walked away as if nothing had happened. We had just finished a chat about what he wanted for breakfast.
The other night I was putting H to sleep, and as he was drifting off, he rolled over with his back towards me, curled up into a ball, and lazily reach back for my hand and placed it on his tummy, then drifted off to sleep.
Through this time with the Mr home, H has been spending more time cuddling with Daddy. Usually he runs to me first for everything, but with him home now I've been making sure H runs and gives Daddy extra hugs, smoochies, & I Love Yous (which he usually reserves for bedtimes only), to help remind Daddy that he's wanted and needed by our youngest. He's been asking Daddy to play more with him than usual, and has really been soaking up that male bonding.
Last week during a cold snap, it was freeze-your-nose-hairs cold outside. I walked D to the crosswalk at the school and watched him the rest of the way to the door. As he approached the door, he stopped and held it open for everyone who had just been dropped off in cars.
Since the Mr's been home, I wake D up in the morning & and ask him for a quick cuddle. I've never seen him move so swiftly to get out of bed. He hustles down to the bottom bunk to wake up slowly, all cuddled up with me.
D has been helping out loads more around the house picking his toys up after himself, which has been really nice. The other night we got home from Cub Scouts, and he asked if he could play Wii before getting to bed. "Sure," I replied, "but you have to get your jammies on first." He wandered upstairs, and I didn't hear a sound from him after that. I went up to check on him, and he was playing quietly in his room. I warned him that it was going to be bedtime soon, and he replied: "I know mom, but there's so much I want to do! I want to read books, and play with my toys, and play pretend, and play my Wii! Don't worry, I don't want to play Wii now, I want to play in my room." He proceeded to turn around and go on back up, and close his door and play quietly until bedtime.
Friday night D was afraid of going upstairs to go get ready for bed. I had a heckuva time getting him to go, as I wasn't willing to follow. He finally made it upstairs, and as he was moving about, he ignored what was around him (read: he stepped over the toys that had been left on the floor). He had his jammies in hand and moved towards the bed when he stepped on a musical book (you know, the type with the bar of buttons on the side) and scared himself silly. I heard him whine/whimper as my butt was planted on the couch. I looked up as he was tip-toeing down the stairs with his pj's in hand. He looked up at me and said, "Now, don't laugh mommy", and I couldn't help myself. The look on his face, eyes bright with residual fear, and still shaking like a leaf, but holding back a huge grin. "I scared myself by stepping on that book!"
We both broke out into peals of laughter and giggles until our eyes had tears in them.
We went out to eat the other day, to the local Chinese Buffet (so yummy). We had been seated, received our drinks, and I had just gotten H's plate before I sent the Mr off to go get his. D was happy, and he was playing with a toy, and he happened to shoot it across the table my way. He reached out for it, and spilled and entire cup of ice-water, right on my lap. It was cold out, and I still hadn't warmed up, and this just didn't help. Rather than get angry, I sighed and asked him why we don't play with toys at the table, and whether or not he had taken his goofy pill that morning. I could have very easily gotten angry, and upset (and even thought about it for a brief moment)...but it was only water, and though I was wet, nothing was damaged.
We are in the home stretch before D's Birthday party next Saturday, and I was able to go and pay for the play place we're going to visit with his party. I felt good about that. We also bought his gift yesterday, and are now wondering what type of games to get him. He's got a new Nintendo DS with a Super Mario carrying case (looks like a lunchbox) with accessories. I'm happy with it. I always get sentimental on his birthday (honestly, when am I not sentimental? LOL), and I have many fond memories of the trials he's put me through during his short lifespan. I can't wait to see what antics he gets up to this year.

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aawww, they is feeling special. Isn't that sweet. Mum.