Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. What is your favorite type of soda (if you drink soda)? Pepsi

2. Do you believe in astrology? If so, what does your sign say about you? Sometimes. I'm a Libra

3. Who is John Galt? I dunno, you tell me

4. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night? Fluff my pillows and get as far under the blankets as I can
5. Who's your Daddy? I don't have one, I was immaculately conceived

6. Jelly beans or Jelly Bellies? Ew. Let's not go there

7. What do you think about yellow car? Why car manufacturer actually made yellow cars? I like yellow cars...if I had one I'd plaster a giant happy face on it so you'd know it was me driving down the street. They make yellow cars cause they don't suck as much as limes green ones.

8. Holding on or Letting go? To what? I'd say letting go

9. What kind of underwear, if any, do you wear? Thong. Visible Panty Lines (VPL) are a sin.

10. Who is your daddy and what does he do? Arnold Schwarzenegger

11. Spring - is it here yet?? Sure, you can go dance in the rain, quick, before the lightning charges it up!

12. Does Google Streetview scare you? What's that? I should go Google it now.

13. What is your favorite brand of ice cream? Don't have one, as long as it's cold

14. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Kahlua Chocolate Fudge

15. Do you ever get tired of your everyday routine? I don't have one, I do something different each day. Unfortunately that means the kids aren't trained.

16. What inspires you? My kids.

17. It’s springtime-do you spend more time outdoors? Yes

18. When do you think Bud will let us see the DVD of him and the french twins? When we pay him 25 bux a piece

19. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you, and why? long as I could drag my family with me.

20. Why do you blog? Because I have nothing better to do. Seriously, I only started so my family could keep up with what I was doing. And then I got followers...

21. What are electrolytes and why are they good for us? I dunno

22. Do you twitter? Why or why not? No, cause it's useless. Anyone who wants to know that much about me can follow my blog. I consider twitter followers stalkers.

23. What did you dream last night? Something about guns, a motel, children & monsters.
24. What is the strangest thing you've eaten? Baluga Whale. It was WAY too oily & bitter for my tastes.

25. What was the last picture that you took? My HNT picture.

26. What is your favorite part of spring? Watching the boys splash in all the puddles

27. What is one thing that you did this past week that no one knows about? I slept in until 11am this morning

28. What kind of bandages do you typically have in your household? Fabric. I hate plastic bandages cause they're weenie and come off too easily. I only buy the plastic kind if they have a design the boys like.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Lol @ "they're weenie"..Happy Thursday!

CastoCreations said...

I got to agree about fabric/plastic bandages. There are new Band Aid ones though that rock. They are super strong and do not let any water in. I can't remember what they are called though. I'm sure I blogged about them awhile ago when I needed a bandage.

Kimber said...

I wish I could have slept until 11AM!

Buluga whale is pretty strange.

His d said...

i loved your 'immaculately conceived' answer!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Arnold? Don't worry. He'll be baaaahhhhck...

tosin said...

"they don't suck as much as lime green ones."