Thursday, March 19, 2009

Made it through today, Yay!
Starting to feel better, didn't need the Tylenol so much today either, but was still real tired.
Had Cub Scouts, made some musical instruments with the kids, was a bit of a brain blunder trying to figure out enough instruments for everyone and making sure they all had an idea of how to put them together. Completely forgot to bring a CD with world music on it. Our aim was originally to have them earn their belt loops (I think that's what it was, I loose track of these things, honestly), but I guess we can finish it another time.
My poster with H on it arrived the other day, I was really impressed that the Graphic Artist special ordered a 16x20 version of it. It's beautiful, and we're going to mat & frame it.
Tomorrow we'll be cleaning from top to bottom. MIL will be coming over to help Mr & I with the task. D's B-day party is on Saturday (though his actual b-day isn't until Wednesday, we went earlier cause our Mardi Gras fundraiser is on Friday), so we'll be expecting lots of company and the like. Ahh, gotta clean, decorate, do some shopping because I haven't even made up a menu of food, OR the cake...OMG. I haven't planned for the cake yet. shit shit shit. Dammit. I hate it when I do that.
Anyhow, tomorrow's gonna be pretty busy, but it's all in good fun :o)

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LarryG said...

cub scout belt loops are awesome!
helping kids is a great investment - glad you got your poster !