Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty Training & Sleepwalking

Been fighting off that dreary kind of feeling. I'm sneezing, horrendous runny nose, aching back, and a slight fever. Yech.
My day was brightened when the mail person came to the door with not one (which I was expecting), but 3 boxes (All care packages from my mummie), and an envelope from Pokie! Thanks Pokie, I don't think I'll ever bring myself to use them (picture to follow), but I will be carrying them around just to show off cause they're cool like that. There was 1 package for me, 1 for H, and 1 for D. Thanks mummie! I'm almost finished the bag of chips she sent me :oD (seriously, my all time fav chip, I've been chowing on them since they came out with the flavor in their brand, and before that another brand made them from the time I was 11) I can't wait to get home to the Canadian food. It's funny, down here it's cheaper to buy instant meals (you know, shite that comes in boxes that you cook in your microwave in under 10 minutes). Back home it's cheaper to buy all ingredients and make em yourself.
We officially started potty training H today. Let the Wars begin. He actually held it for the majority of the day, in protest of us making him use the pot. He didn't like the (washable) training pants that I had pulled from the basement (saved from when D potty trained), he said they were too tight. So we'll hafta go and buy some in a larger size. I could tell he had to go, and he ended up making a soppy mess here and there twice, but after that it was a no go. By the time I went to put him to bed I could tell he had to go pretty badly, and ended up taking his potty apart and placing the seat on the actual toilet and sit with him for what felt like forever in the bathroom until he went. Victory. He was happy he got to flush it himself. When we were snuggling in bed I said "Big Boy". His response was "Thank You", and a nice smoochie on the cheek.
I honestly don't recall what it was like to potty train D. I'm going to admit here that I was a whole lot harder on D than I am on H in all ways of parenting. I'm working hard to change that.
Speaking of D. Last Friday he sleep walked downstairs (his brother was on an overnighter @ MIL's). When he arrived he bent down and started scratching at the floor. Woorisome. So, we decided to start closing the gate at the top of the stairs all the time during the night, and not just when H was up there. Tonight, D went to sleep in his own bed. When I sent Mr upstairs with H while I finished a few things up downstairs, I heard Mr kind of yelp. When I went to check it out, he said D spooked him cause when he got to the top of the stairs and headed to our bedroom (H was already in there) all he saw was an arm at about adult height come accross the doorway (D was standing on the bed, and all you could see was his arm). It turns out D sleepwalked to our room and curled himself up in our bed. He said he was dreaming of a light switch. I got a good chuckle just watching the Mr turning a few shades of red.

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the girl in stiletto said...

aw feel better soon! the boys are hilarious :) surely they make you day all the time!

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the packages. Strange bowl things weren't they?Mum.