Monday, March 23, 2009


It's been a week since I first got sick. I'm still all stuffed up sounding. My nose still needs to be honked about once an hour. I'm tired of being sick. I'm tired of wearing out quicker than normally. Just get over it woman! Drinking plenty of fluids, trying to get my strength up by eating the nice healthy leftovers from the party. Big bowl of fruit with my name on it is nearly all gone now.
Gonna be another hectic week. Today D has Violin lessons (which I'm ashamed to admit we haven't touched at all in the past week), tomorrow eve the Mr is going to have company over, Wed is D's actual B-day where we'll be squeaking in a nice dinner & cake after school & before Ice Skating. Thursday is our Cub Scout Pack meeting where our Den in going to do a cheer in front of everyone. Friday is Mardi Gras. At some point in time I need to finish working on the spreadsheets I have with all my donation info on it, including find out the value of each bundle we have (about 40) so we know what we're advertising as. Very busy week.
The laundry needs to be done today, as well as the upstairs. It was deemed a hazardous area during the party cause Mr just threw everything upstairs & left it, rather than putting away cause there was just no time. Under normal circumstance I start cleaning about two days beforehand, and since I was sick, I didn't do any cleaning. I'd definitely have to say that the worst part about this sickness is how tired I get so quickly. It doesn't take much before I'm in need of a break and a rest off my feet to regenerate what energy I've depleted. Silly. I have, however incorporated some caffiene into my diet of late so I can stay energized for a bit longer, though, it honestly doesn't work as well as I'd like
We recieved our copy of the poster with H on it last week, and decided to go with a Pewter style/color frame. Beautiful 16x20 print, that is now hanging above my computer.
It's a beautiful day out today, hopefully we can squeek in some outside time with the kids before everything gets underway. I'm dying for some fresh air. Sometimes, I worry that I'd never get any if it weren't for my sons' extra-curricular activities.

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Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like you have plenty to do to get better for!

Hope you feel mo betta soon!