Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm bummed out.
Maybe it's because I forked my son over to Danielle and Niamh for the weekend, maybe it's the impending visit from my husband, maybe it's the rain.
I have three hours left to clean up the house and I so don't feel like cleaning.
It took me close to three and a half hours to watch all of Ghost Rider lastnight.
Been listening to music on the comp all day today and have just been waiting for the power to go out. Am surprised that with as much rain, and thunder there wasn't some jackass who took out the power lines somewhere along the way to knock me back to the dark ages.
Hunter sure misses his can tell. He crawls to his brothers door and just sits there looking in his room, as if to say, "where is Darius, and why isn't he here to play with me?"
I made new curtains for my room and D's room, and a movie blanket for D for the car. Just real quick things, all of them. It was more to get me motivated to sew, and start some projects for Jill than anything, not much heart put into them at all.
Mom, Kim and Gramma should be arriving at midnight sometime. They're going to Bingo in Kamloops before coming home.
I talked to D on the phone today, and he said they went to see Fantastic Four (Marty, Ni, and D) and he really enjoyed it. He also had some other kids to play with, cause they were visiting friends in Barrier.
I'm a little sad he'll miss the Canada Day festivities in Kelowna, but he hasn't seen Ni in forever, and I was rather surprised the wanted to keep him for the weekend.
Maybe I needed the break, mebbe I was just so surprised that they asked that I couldn't think of anything else to say but yes.
Interesting in any event.

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Anonymous said...

Must just be the movie Ghost Rider because we watched it when we were in Langley visiting Dave and Kathie and it took us 2 days to watch the whole thing haha....Watch 5 mins and wander off Watch 1 hour and wander off, etc.
Looks like Hunter had a good b-day...wish we coulda been there!! If we were closer we definitely would have been there!!! I hate when family blows stuff off at the last unreliable!!! Glad you had the most important people there though :)