Monday, July 02, 2007

So typical

We had the BBQ for Hunter's birthday yesterday, and of course no one who was invited came. So typical. Ali wasn't even going to phone me to let me know, and I wouldn'tve known had I not phoned her to ask her what kind of salad she was bringing.
Apparently Austin, was sick and she had been visiting him and she didn't want to pass his germs on to me & Hunter.
I was initially upset, but then I got over it chalking it up to lame ass family members who have no sense of morale.
Besides, I had all the people who really mattered to me here already.
I was however, miffed that Ali kept saying, "You really should make more of an effort to visit me", even though she mentioned being in Kelowna a day or two agao, and I hadn't recieved a phone call from her at all. She comes in to Westbank all the time to babysit Austin, and I never get a call from her.
Fuck you, is what Ihave to say to that.
Anyhow, we had a wonderful spread of food lastnight...burgers, potato salad, veggie and fruit platters. Lots of pop, and juice, and doughnuts, and junk food. I swear I was going to pop cause I was so full and bloated.
Bart made it over lastnight, and we all played some Wii. I had fun cause we played Mario Party on it, which is an entertaining game in itself, but even more so when you have three other ppl playing with you all trying to destroy you. :o)
Got up at 6:30 this mornin and made coffee, checked my tire pressure and dyed Gramma's hair. Then I made some pancakes and cooked sausages (thank goodness for Foreman).
I chatted with Uncle Robert lastnight for a while, with gramma reading over my shoulder and mentioning things to say and ask. Was nice to catch up a bit.
Hunter's persistent today, as usual.
I'm sposed to drive gramma home today, and Pokie and Steve are sposed to come with me. Interesting. Let's see how many indians we can cram into amber's little itty bitty car without air conditioning.
I hung a picture on my wall with the intention of hanging a curtain in front of it to make it look like a window, but I hung the picture off center (above my bed) cause poor hunter was rushing me. Arrgh. Now I dunno if I wanna take it down and re-center it or not...cause I used a nail that'll leave a big hole. Grr
I wonder how long today is gonna feel...hmm.
Off to face the day.

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