Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm disappointed I didn't get a job. Would I have gotten one of those two, I would've worked out an agreeable schedual for all of us. *sigh*
Today we went thrift shopping, and at Helping Hands had a half price sale on all of their furniture, so I bought a bookshelf for 6 dollars to put in D's room. I don't know where his books are (think they're in storage) but I'd really like them to be on display.
I also bough some speakers for my computer (Yay, music at last!), some new Gameboy games (1 dollar each!! and we got, 5), some bedsheets and smaller items like that.
Darius had a grand total of 6.50 when he went out, all of his own money. i told him he could buy whatever he wanted, and I'd tell him how much he'd have left and such. So, at Helping Hands, he got a "Queasy Bake Oven" that bakes squirmy worms and spiders and such, and at Share he bought himself a pretty picture with purple flowers on it to hang on his wall, plus a stuffed caterpillar with 28 legs.
I'm content today.
Emailed an old friend from years ago (sounds scary to say it that way) and got a response from her today with a phone number. I'm happy to be reconnecting with all these people from my past.

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