Monday, June 25, 2007

Hunter Turns 1

It seems this past year has gone by so quickly. The other years the torture just seemed to drag out, and with this year having the most devastating of all events happen, I'm surprised it went by so quickly.
I'm not ready for my baby to be 1 year old yet.
This last year has given me lots to think about, ponder while I surf the net out of sheer boredom.
Had nothing planned for today, and ended up going to vvisit Ali & Terry.
She said I have to make more of an effort to come and see her more often. I'm sorry, I'm the one with two kids, and you expect me to travel all the time to come and see you? People's expectations continue to surprise me these days.
Thinking aout it, the things people are capable of these days just never fail to shock me.
I phoned Ali at 12:30 asking if she was busy and if we could come and visit...she said no, come on over. So we took off and arrived at 1pm. She wasn't even there, the person who's staying with her right now said she had a Dr.'s appointment and shouldn't be that long. We stayed for an hour and just as we were getting ready to go she walked in. That just kinda pissed me off. Would've been nice had she phoned me back to let me know she had a Dr.'s appointment, then i wouldn'tve gone down there and wasted my time and gas.
In any event, visited with her, the person who's staying with her, and Michelle.
Invited them to the BBQ schedualled for next weekend on Sunday for H.
Also hafta phone Roger & Cathy to let them know.
Made H Angel Foodcake this mornin with D, only I cut the recipe in half and put it in large muffin tins instead, and now hafta make icing and ice it with D.
Lazy day.
Can't figure out what's going on with my messenger cause I hooked up my webcam so I could do video chatting with the boys and Chance, but now we can't swap videos or do a video chat for some reason, though it worked at first it's not working now.
And mom's mouse finally gave it up, the wiring has been loose in it for ages, so I switched it out with the one from my room, I guess I'll hafta get another one, that and another set of speakers...but I should swap them with mom's sometime to check to be sure it's them.
I can now feed Hunter...everything. *g* Well, egg white's, plain yogurt with fresh fruit pieces, pastas, honey, strawberries.
Lots more...slowly but surely.
Off to eat, I'm starving.

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