Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is the weekend where everyone migrates this way once again. I'm excited, just because it truly means summer is here and the BBQ-in can begin.
Hunter's not feeling well, he was running a fever all day today.
Had the kids in Daycare yesterday to give us all a break.
I did jack squat with my entire day, exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do with it...but oh well.
Today we had a playdate at 10 at McDonald's again. Was pretty good...they both had a good time.
Afterwards we came home for D to rest.
Then we went and bought Hunter's birthday gifts. We got him a new ride-em/walk-em toy and a gumball toy machine with 4 clear balls with rattly/sprakly stuff in them. Hunter really likes them, and so does D.
I'm amazed at the small amount of stuff I purchased today that the total was 100 bux. <:oO
I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of the daycare, put some gas in, and mebbe that'll be it. Groceries would be nice.
Anyhow...I really want to do some sewing for my pregnant friend in Ohio, I had better get to.
I got my first two moqsuito bites tonight, btw. How retarded. I didn't even feel the first, I killed the second. 1 down, 10 million to go.
Oh yeah, and my garden started growing!!!
Yay us

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