Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Parents Like This Can Kiss My A**

I'm just so steamed.
Today we had a playdate with Cassidy (D's fav girl in preschool) at 10 at McDonalds. I should've called yesterday to confirm, but I didn't think of it till this morning on the drive there. I had that ill sense of foreboding.
We got there 5 minutes early, ordered a small few things, and went in to the playroom to wait.
We waited, and waited, and D bounced around the windows, and each time a new car drove by he bounced and looked real hard to see if it was her.
She, of course, didn't show...again!
Playdate number 3, and she wasn't there.
Ya know, I'm an understanding person, if you have issues with your kid playin with my kid, just fucking tell me and save me the goddamned trouble of even phoning you anytime soon. How the fuck am I supposed to fix the problem if I don't know what the problem is.
How completely rude and inconsiderate.
I got both kids ready, and myself (make-up even) this morning, and flew over to McDonalds with D bouncing all morning because he was so excited, and then to have to leave McDonald's with a very disappointed little boy who kept asking me to phone her to find out why she didn't come, and why she's disappointing him, and why she's hurting his feelings.
Seriously, is that how you want your children to deal with their problems??
I'm no perfect parent, but I know what i don't want my child to see from me, and certainly try my hardest not to do those things.

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