Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm tired...
There were lots of Cottonwoods at Gyro, and near Paul's house yesterday, and though the day was too hot for me to have symptoms, the minute I started cooling down did I ever pay for spending so much time around them trees. My eyes were itchy and watery, and my nose was runny, and i felt like i had something snaking around under the skin on my face. It was horrible. Of course I didn't have any allergy medicine (well, not my usual stuff anyways) in the house except for Benadryl. I took two and boy did they ever fog me up bad.
By the end of the evening as I was getting ready for bed, I couldn't hardly see anything out of my left eye cause it was literally foggy, like i had some kind of film over it that wasn't allowing me to focus my eye on anything.
I'm still foggy this morning from that stuff. I don't think I'll take anymore of it, I'll hafta go buy my own stuff so I won't hafta worry so much about it. Also, if I take too much Benadryl, it'll dry me out.
Anyhow...yesterday was nice. I got about an hour's worth of suntanning in while D killed ants and Hunter slept on mom. Was nice. Boy was it hot out yesterday.
Today is real muggy and humid out cause it's cloudy and trying to rain, but still real hot at the same time. yuck.
I'm worn out today. I'm hoping to perk up a bit later.
Was planning on having D do some artwork later...hopefully I can drag myself around to that.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Nietha said...

There are cottonwoods all around my work building.

I like Claritin, it works good.

Amber said...

I usually take Aerius, mainly because it has no food or drug interactions, and it comes in a non-drowsy 24-hour formula, but it's expensive, running me, like, 14-18 bux a box if I remember correctly. But it works well. I've never tried Claritin.