Friday, June 08, 2007

Eeew. I was going to pick up D from Sport N Splash this afternoon, and look down cause I feel something on my leg. It was a flying ant (the red&black kind) that was trying to attack me. Not only that, but it must have been in my pants for a while, cause when I was putting Hunter to sleep an hour earlier than that I felt something stinging my thigh. I shook it off and didn't think of it. When I had first gotten in the car, I felt the same stinging just below my knee. How on earth it got there, I dunno...kinda scary though, guess I'll be shaking my clothes out from now on.
Hunter got some super cute new shoes in a box from daddy today, heheheh. They're practically impossible for him to get off at the moment, though I'm sure he'll have em figured out soon enough with how smart he is.
He's so much fun to watch when he he falls or plunks down he just rolls over and continues on with something else.
I sure wish I had the ability to do that.
Babies don't know how to feel sorry for themselves, and that is truly amazing...where do we learn that from then?
Darius had a dentist appointment this afternoon at 2. I didn't think to ask, I just assumed Dr. Lyle was gonna do the same thing Dr. McRae did to fill D's tooth. I guess he wasn't, and I actually didn't go in with D (now I feel super guilty for not explaining it to him, or holding his hand) and they brought him back out in about 7 minutes. They apparently tried to numb his mouth and do a proper filling instead of the crappy kind Dr. Mcrae does. Poor lil guy came out and was sad and says..."Mom, I got a poke in my mouth..."

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