Thursday, June 14, 2007

D Graduates

Been doing a lot of thinking, internalizing lately. Turning inward todards myself, since I know socialization isn't going to happen right now.
It's amazing what one can find out about themselves when they've got nothing left to distract them.
Today was D's preschool graduation. I had duty parent day today. Man alive, those kids have all grown so much since I started showin my face round the school. I'm amazed...I decided since I have a list with all parent'ses email adresses on it I'd email them the pictures I have of their kids...and seeing the comparasons from my first pictures to now is amazing.
Anyhow, I took 120 pictures today! I posted the ones of strictly Darius on Flickr.
I'm so not ready to ship my son off to kindergarten.

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Nietha said...

uh, I'm not ready to have a great-nephew in kindergarten