Friday, June 15, 2007

Hunter has figured out how to get himself into the entryway.
I guess I had it coming, teaching him how to get off th ebed and couch on his own.
Nevermind that, he can now climb up and onto the chair in the corner, and it seems to be his favorite pasttime now...climbing.
Where's Spacewalkers when ya need em?
I crashed out early lastnight, first with D, then afterwards Iwoke up, I think I remember seeing the clock say 9 something, then I went to bed cause I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Kept waking up this morning, and I finally rolled outta bed to go to the bathroom, and I was the first one up! it was only 20 after 7.
I'm still pretty tired today, but I'm doing ok I spose.
I wonder what I can get up to today. Lalala

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