Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nothin schedualled today, but that don't mean I can't find something to do.
Gotta go to the post office, am sending out a few letter for Soldiers, a magazine and a couple of pieces of D artwork for the father-in-law, and mebbe a small care package for a soldier. Also gotta hit the dollar store to pick up a couple extra pairs of plastic liners for D since I have him in cloth diapers during the day. They seem to help, he doesn't tug on them all the time like he does the disposables, and he doesn't complain when they get soppy (wierd). It's kind of strange operating on making sure I have enough clean cloth ones, and keeping a stack of prefolded ones, plus having the diaper pail in the bathroom with oxyclean (gotta get more of that too) in it and the stain remover right next to it.
I tried playing a bit of Zoo Tycoon (don't know where it came from) and found it enjoyable, but I didn't complete the first scenario ontime, oh well. guess I'll get better with practise.
Gotta go to storage, and make some cookies with D, and splash in the puddles that have accumulated.
Oh boy

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