Sunday, June 10, 2007

Preschool BBQ

Stayed up late lastnight...started at about 9:15 getting stuff ready for today. I had completely forgotten about the BBQ cause I was feelin so down, until I mentioned it to Chance on the phone. Arrgh. So, I sliced up the meat (Salami, Garlic Sausage, and Summer Sausage), the cheese (1 whole Montery Jack block, and 3/4 or a marble block), and then made the cheese ball, and boiled the eggs. Then Hunter woke up, and I took a break. After I got him back to sleep, I started on the potatoes for the potato salad. I peeled and peeled while I watch House of Wax on TV, and before I realized it, I had peeled 3/4 of a 20lb bag! LMAO
So, chopped them, cooked them, drained them, and stored them for the night and went to bed about 3am.
Woke up with both boys this morning at 7:15, and started over again. Sliced the egg, chopped the veggies for the salad, put in the spices, and sauces, and mixed away.
Had everything done bright and early, and had absolutely no reason to rush. It felt good. Casually packed a cooler with the food, and blankets and towels, bathing suits, sunblock, toys, and Hit the Road.
Was a beautiful beach with no goose poop to speak of. It had a children's waterpark, plus a nice playground with a zipline just the right size for small kids. Big field, and volleyball nets, plus a boat launch (not that I have a use for that). They also had a nice walking path so mom tells me.
Had a blast playing in the waterpark with the kids, and was surprised to know that I was the only one who got active with the children. The other parents just sat and visited each other, expecting the kids to entertain themselves. I was kinda shocked by that, and some of the language coming out of the mouths of other preschool kids truly left me speechless.
Anyhow, took some pictures, played with the kids, enjoyed a tasty lunch (besides me there was only two other people who brought home-made food) in the nice sunshine.
Came home, and took and Aerius before my eyes got too bad (they were swelling on the drive home cause they were so itchy, even though I hadn't touched them.
Uploaded a few pics to Flickr.

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