Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hunter is comin along nicely.
The past few days he's made attempts to stand all on his own at least once a day...and accomplished it. He bends over to reach for something, then changes his mind and pushes himself up to standing, and just stands there looking round before bending over and plunking back down on his bottom. By choice mind you, not because he's wobbly.
I think maybe he might be getting a molar in as well, I peeked in the other day and the spot that's the whitest in his mouth is in the back over the molar, not in the front of his mouth where it should be.
I watched Pan's Labyrinth last night, and Apocalypto the night before. Apocalypto was kind of intense, without a moment to rest for the viewer or the star by the looks of it. Pan's Labyrinth was very odd, and kind of brutal...not what I was expecting.
I'm gonna watch the Fountain tonight, and Music & Lyrics if i can squeeze it in.
Had a good convo with Tyler B lastnight online. I had intended to go to sleep at 11:30 and ended up staying up until after 1 chattin with him. Funny how time works itself out in those situations.
I'm bothered that on a Friday night I couldn't find anyone at all to go out ofr coffee with. I'm only 25 for heaven's sake. That's just pathetic.
Took D to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, and missed the last bit of the movie cause I had to pee really bad and couldn't hold it anymore. How frustrating. The movie was good though, but a little tough to follow sometimes. I remember thinking at one point, I'm confused...who's trying to do what here? Then thinking, oh well, it'll all make sense in the end.
D has been a hellion the past couple of days...trying every bit of patience I possess, and Hunter right along with him.
Am considering sending D to his father in Ohio, even if it is just for a quick little vacation. Though neither of us hold jobs yet, so that's kinda pushing the financial hotbox for sure. We'll see.
Finances are definately not my favorite subject right now. I keep thinking, "I thought you said everything would be better once you got there?" ...cause they're not.
I'm starting to come down on myself for not making a decision sooner on what I'm doing. I'm considering for too long, and that could go against me. Accusations fly whenever I come about to anything though, and I'm always the guilty party. As if I brought this on my family.
I should get off my ass, quit waiting for my happy ending and just make it myself. I have learned laziness, and I just don't like it. I don't belong in the category of lazy, I'm too good for that, not when it matters.
It all comes down to what I want for my life, what's gonna make me happy. If I'm not happy with the decisions that I make, how can I move on with my life?
These are tough questions to ask oneself, and it's tough to answer them in a timely fashion, if I could just stop distracting myself in the evenings and get to it...

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