Friday, June 22, 2007

Rachel Ray can turn green with envy.
K, so she may be able to whip up stuff in 30 m inutes, but I can make full meals for us in about 45, and it only ever takes that long cause i hafta stop and do dishes, or chop slower so I don't loose a finger. Plus i hafta check on the kids. Thank goodness for the Foreman.
Anyhow, didn't do much today.
This morning D had a dentist appointment in peachland where they gave him another small filling, and afterwards we went to the Ehco park. Then we walked accross the street and got ice cream (super yummy not fake at all strawberry). Then we hopped in the car and went to Extra to pick up some more veggie seeds to plant.
I bought beets, turnips, lettuce, peas, and pumpkin. Though I know there's not enough room for the all, I like them and may attempt potting some. We shall see.
We took the DVD's back to Blockbuster and went and paid storage.
Came home and got both boys for a nap.
Washed the fruits that mom bought yesterday and got them ready to eat style.
Planned dinner and got it started after loading the dishwasher and doing the dishes.
I still feel like I haven't done much today, but when you put it in writing I wonder where i had the time...
Going to the drive in tonight...Yay drive ins!

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