Thursday, June 21, 2007

You can really tell

It's days like these that really bring about the urgency for me to do what I need to do as a parent.
Happy National Aboriginal Day!
Mom had the day off from work to celebrate, and she took Kimmie's van to the shop, and I was surprised when I got up that she was home cause it was 8:30.
Harry phoned and woke me up cause he was lookin for a ride into town from Oliver...honestly, he's a good guy but I get real sick of him phoning when he needs something. I mean, I believe a good friend will always be there, but it's a bit different when ya phone first thing to ask, and not at night.
Anyhow...we were supposed to go to Croc Talk today with an online parenting group that I joined, but Darius didn't feel like going, and truthfully neither did I.
Yesterday I spent my entrie day making up the Cassidy no-show to D by doing all of his favorite things with him, and had a real nice day out. We left the house about 1pm, and went to Scandia, Wal-Mart (to get potting soil for the veggie's I've been meaning to plant since the beginning of the month), Denny's (he loves their Alien Pancakes), back to Wal Mart with mom, then to the Park on our way home. He was terrifically exhausted when we got home.
So, instead of going to Croc Talk, we all (yes, all) headed outside to start our garden. Kimmie loosened the dirt in his regular flower garden (he gave us permission to use it as our veggie garden this year cause he didn't buy flowers and he thinks it's too late for them now) and mixed in 4 bags of soil for us. Then we made the rows, planted the seeds, and watered. Mom walked Hunter round the yard, and watched D play cause he was getting bored of the prelims.
The neighbor asked if we were planting flowers, and when I replied "No, I'm going to try my hand at veggies" he said Isn't it a little late to be doing that?
I just said I don't know the difference, and could really care less...
Honestly, if they grow yay us, if they don't, oh well, it gives us something to do.
So, D is in charge of watering his garden, and tommorow while I have to run a few errands I'm hoping I can buy some more seeds cause I remembered that the Food Bank accepts produce for a special program, and if they do grow, that's where the majority of the things I grow will go I hope. If not, oh well, it was a nice thought, and there's always next year.
Yet another lesson to teach Darius that helping other who need it is an important thing to do.
He just makes me so proud.
We attended the National Aboriginal Day festival at the Friendship Center downtown (horrible traffic jam on the way in...ugh, summer really IS here!) and after we waited in line for a half an hour to get our food, found a place outside on the ground to eat, and heard the drummers begin to sing....I asked D what he thought they were singing about, and he answered "pray". When I asked him what do you mean, he said "they're praying". I swear to god I think my heart almost broke and I was two breaths away from tears.
Though he was kinda rough the rest of the night cause I wasn't buying him a rocket gun or letting him play on the pavement (where I had previously spotted broken glass) like he wanted me to, it was survivable.
I'm truly grateful I'm as vigilant as I am. I swear there was a three year old running around in just a diaper, and it was obviously over filled.
There were people there who were hanging around when I worked there so many years ago. It made me feel sad, to know that they were there to recieve services and aid, and that they never made anything of themselves like the programs intend. It's a horrible thing to look back at just what one COULD have been had they left themselves to the power of nothing, rather than getting off yer ass and just doing it.
I'm grateful I am the person that I am.
I watched Music and Lyrics was a good movie, mind you...I'm feeling pretty sappy tonight, so it suited me just fine.
I've been using a tinted moisturizer the past three days, and I quite like it, cept it don't smell all that great. The bottle says results will be full by day 7. hmm...I can't really tell if mine looks good so far or not, but man as I was checkin myself out in the mirror I realized that I really...very badly...need to shave my legs. I'm like a cave woman.

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