Monday, June 18, 2007

Well then.
So, after we came home from playdate number one, I got D off to nap, and had H down, but then he woke p too soon and refused to go back to sleep...lil goob.
Phoned the Mrs. back at 3:30 as asked, and they were down for a nap. Then they phoned back and said "let's have dinner!" we did. We split on a bucket of chicken, and they came over for some more play, and we all had fun.
D played with Isaiah, waited for them in the front window until they pulled up, then he ran outside and held the door for them on their way in. He showed Isaiah around the house, and they got down to playing.
I dunno how I managed it, but I cleaned up the house in 45 the pile of bowls from salads and such in the kitchen...hehehe.
They arrived at about 5pm, and then they didn't leave until just before 9pm. My boys were T-I-R-E-D.
D was waaaay overtired and getting pretty fed up with sharing, so that's when Isaiah began playing with Hunter...boy did those two have fun together.
Hunter giggled at almost everything he did (BIG sign of being tired) and played ball with him. They had fun chasing the ball around the house, and stacking up the cups and knocking them back down again.
As for my Mr....well, today was a rough day between my Mr. and I.
It's kind of tough to have such a good day on this end, and have a bad day on that end because that end tends to over shadow this end, and it messes with how I feel. I still don't have the ability to fully disconnect myself from there, and focus where it's needed. All in due time I suppose.
Well, the house looks decent again, and all that's really left is a toilet scrub, and some dishes.
I'm a happy camper...*g*

2 thoughtful remarks:

Nietha said...

everything's funny when I'm tired...!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good toilet scrub the cap off the day!