Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why does food always taste so much better when someone else cooks it for you?

Was a bit of a busy weekend, cleaning, ridiculous loads of laundry, you know the drill. Had family movie night at the school Friday night, which was fun.
Last night D started Violin lessons, and he didn't complain about it when he got home, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's happy with it. We get 10 weeks for free through the scholarship program at the Arts Center where he's getting his lessons from.
He's also recieving 15 mins of private lessons at ice skating (we had originally signed up for 30, but they weren't available for it, so they called and switched to 15). He's gonna be the next Wayne Gretzky, I just know it. Ice Skating is a requirement for being Canadian you know...
I hope he's enjoying all of these fabulous programs he's in. It's a great opportunity that I'm happy for him to have, all of the programs. I only worry that we're packing the schedule too much. Monday is Violin, nothing on Tuesday, Wednesday is Ice Skating, Thursday is Cub Scouts, and Fridays are stay up late nights. Thankfully there's not really a whole lot on the weekend.
We've been trying to work our way around the grouch factor, and the Mr says we need a family schedule because I'm not as consistent with a few things as I could be. Now, I'm fine with a list of things that need to be accomplished in a day, that doesn't bother me...but when it comes to DO THIS TODAY OR ELSE, I begin to start stressing my daily chores. It's not as if I don't complete any, but there are days when I just want the luxury of doing absolutely nothing, and enjoying the feel of jammies for a 24 hours period. When that happens, the chores from that day would carry over to the next and then we begin to get overloaded with the minimal time I have. I have small windows in between everything else that I need to complete said tasks, and even with the boys' help, it can be overwhelming just to complete a couple of large chores (such as washing the floor, or even vacuuming). So, I'm trying to not get too stressed with the adjustments here, but heaven help me have patience for what my poor Mr is going through.

4 thoughtful remarks:

My expressions LIVE said...

I too want to lie around and do nothing for 24hrs. 24hrs of freedome sitting around in my boxers or nude. I would love to just be me.

Anonymous said...

MeL...can you video that?

Janet said...

I know that feeling! When I felt like I HAD to do chores, I HATED that I do them for me and me alone, it's not so bad.

Kitten said...

I don't understand why laundry is such an issue at my place. I live alone. Why do I have so much of it?