Friday, February 20, 2009

Randomness For The Week

Our Range Hood over our stove is in need of replacement. I noticed the other day, while I was stirring something that I had on the burner, that a large thing fell into my food. Upon fishing it out, I found it was white and just a flake. When I looked up I discovered the paint had been peeling (and was indeed almost gone) from the stupid Range, and falling directly into my food. Being a parent, I cook all my food on the back burners if I can help it, and wouldn't you know it, the damned paint was falling off the back especially. F***.
Panic sets in..."Honey, do you think house ever contained lead paint?!"
"No, I don't believe so, it was built in the 70's, so I think it's too new."
So, after a phone call to the landlord, he instructs us to buy a new one and install, then send him the receipt for reimbursement. Again. He did the same crap with the garage door. Yeah...I have enough money laying around to replace a garage door anytime I want to.
Anyhow, the MIL was kind enough to buy one, and after the Mr peeked in the box, he decided to wait until he had more manly help to install it.

Hunter likes the color green. So much so that he doesn't care for eating off of any other color plate, or bowl, and drinking out of any other color cup, and don't forget the utensils! Guess who's been hand washing everything after meals?? lol

I made an order at Shutterfly (finally) this past week, and am now anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Gosh, I'd better get my photo albums ready! I ordered 360 pictures, a personalized (read: I Made It) 12 Month Calendar, and some note cards. I can't wait to see them. I'll probably be doing some scrapbooking with the stuff as well, and maybe I'll even get D to join me as he probably needs to do some work on his Cub Scout Scrapbook. Hmm...

I'm planning on making my very own mini Mardi Gras Parade Float for the school's PTO's Display Case, as they've got it decorated now. It's missing something more in-depth, and I've volunteered to make it. See, now why can't someone snag hold of my tongue one of these days and stop me? :o)

Mardi Gras ticket sales have begun for the school, and I've started bundling everything we've recieved for donations so far, and I'm hoping it won't be so many that I'll be on stage forever announcing winners.

Hunter has also discovered the joy of puzzles! He's currently hoarding this 15 piece Scooby Doo puzzle that he just loves. I've glues, and taped it pieces many times since he discovered it in a box. I'm thinking I may need to start another collection of puzzles.

Read today that there's going to be a Blog Her conference in Chicago in July. Oh I so badly want to go (even though I'm not a part of Blog Her, I know/read many folk who are), so I could get an opportunity to meet some of my blogging friends in R/L. *sigh* Alas, I'm leaving in June, so it's much too late for me. Besides, I can't stand Chicago...

Next week is the Blue & Gold ceremony for the Scouts, and our den is doing the flag presentation, and closing. We've also been selected for the Main Dishes for the Pot Luck that eve. We've been practicing at the last two Den Meetings, and I'm fairly confident the boys know what to expect, and what they're doing. In any event, the movies I've been working on? They'll be shown at this event, during the dinner. Did I mention Darius will be promoted? Yup, he gets his next badge at the ceremony. Yay!

If you didn't already read below, I've passed the wonderful milestone of 1000 posts on my blog. I included my old header picture in there just for kicks.
I'd love to go out to a movie tonight, but the theaters round here really aren't playing anything except Hotel for Dogs, and I don't think Hunter would really enjoy it. I'd love to go see Revolutionary Road, but alas, I may just need to console myself with some rented movies, a big bowl of popcorn, and some super fun snuggles & giggles with the two most handsome boys on the planet.

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Pixel said...

Oh my goodness, I just hit 1000, too!!! It was very exciting. There were fireworks. Really! :-)

Thanks for stopping by :-)

My expressions LIVE said...

You can't stand Chicago? Oh my dear what did I I just hit 100 posts and I felt accomplished..;) I have some catching up to do..xoxox

Jack said...

Congrats on 1000!!

Hepburn Hilton said...

How scary about the aint dropping into the food! But, I guess if it was dangerous you would have noticed already.

I love puzles to, but I don't have

1000! Wow!! In how much time?

Jodi said...

Congrats on 1000 posts girl!

Also, congrats on having the patience to order 360 photos. I have to do it too. I keep procrastinating and keep adding to it. I really got to sit one weekend and do it.

BTW, that is scary about the paint!