Monday, February 16, 2009

Give My Eyes A Break

I feel all grainy...I need Visine!
MIL was kind enough to take both kids for the night last night, leaving me with some un-expected time to myself. So, being the enthusiast that I am I pounced on those videos I've been meaning to edit. 2 hours and 17 videos clips later, I have my movie, and now I'm stuck on what song I want for the background. The video is all the clips I have from the Tiger Cub portion of the Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago (picture little wooden cars on a short track), and the first song that popped into my head to use was "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi, but when I pieced it together I couldn't stop giggling at how climactic the song seemed to be with the video. So, I phoned everyone I knew and asked for their opinions of racing songs that I might use for a 5min 30sec video. I was advised to search IMDB by Pokie, and whenI did I ended up d/l-ing the theme song to Knight Rider. Now, I like the intro of it, and it's 1 min and some odd secs long, but I need a second song to go with. My friend suggested Gasoline by Audioslave, but the Mr thinks it's too hard. My Step-dad suggested I use Radar Love, and I haven't d/l-ed it yet to see how it fits, but I will by this eve. My other friend suggested I just blend it in with my original pick of Blaze of Glory. I dunno...*sigh* The world seems to have so much more pressure when you know there's going to be an audience sharing an opinion of your work with you. LOL I'm also a perfectionsit, dammit.
I'm just glad the hardest part is over and done with.
Now, I'm working on ordering prints from the last few months' worth of pictures from Shutterfly. This company must love me! I'm just glad they have pre-paid order plans or I'd never get any prints done. In any event I'm looking at an order of 350, plus a few that I'm getting double of. Ca-Razy!

3 thoughtful remarks:

My expressions LIVE said...

Hmmm....Time of my life by David Cook....Kinda of a differnt than what you were thinking...but I think the words would fit...xoxox

Hepburn Hilton said...

I am sure it will be great and people will enoy it no matter what song you pick! What are you doing this for anyway?? Is it work related?

Amber said...

@ Carina
No, it's not work related, unfortunately. I'm doing it because the Mr volunteered me to do it...funny it seems to work out that way sometimes ;o)