Friday, February 27, 2009


It's rather funny sometimes, how I get these bursts. This is what gets me into trouble sometimes.
All day today I wanted to take the kids outside, but feared to do so because it was wet. Not snowy wet, but Muddy Rainy wet. I kept thinking, geez I wish I had two pairs of rain pants, then they could go muck away without a care in the world. That carried on to, I could just go and buy the fabric and make them myself, then that carried on to "No, I shouldn't waste what little cash I have on new fabric, there's got to be something around the house that I can use.
I remembered reading an article on Craftzine about Plastic Bag Fusing. Then I got excited. I need a new purse as well. Along that line of thought it occurred to me that in order to downsize the one I've got, I need to downsize what I carry. That lead to me needing a few new little accessory bags to go inside to make a switcheroo easier, and that lead to well, geez, I need a new make-up bag...but it needs to be spill proof.
Back to the Plastic Bag Fusing.
Can you guess where this is leading? Yes, that means I'm going to be hounding everyone I know for their plastic bags, to experiment with.
I've read that the plastic bag clothing that the original article featured was warm, which got me thinking about the boys wearing it. That lead to comparing it to the older rain pants I used to have D wear, and I recalled those were lined with a nice soft cotton jersey (absorbent, durable, washable & breathable). So, I believe the Rain Suit I'm going to make each of the boys, will be lined with just plain cotton, to see how it will work. Lord knows I have enough of it.
I'm also planning on making some cloth storage bins for our living room, hopefully it'll match and be a bit easier on the eyes than the plastic bins I have for the toys the boys tote around with them for the day.
The next project after that will be bed curtains for H's bottom bunk, as the boys frequently pull down the blanket from the top to make a nice dark fort. I'm just going to go with something that won't need to be pulled down, saves bonked heads, and laundry for me to do.
I seen another prject about a wall hanger that stores books that I'd love to try, but I just don't know about the walls taking it now, when we've got so little time before we're supposed to move.
Oh, and I LOVED this project that turns an entire wall into a chalkboard with just some paint! Once again though, as a renter it's just not feasable. Seariously though, watch out mom & kim, cause you know what we're tryin when we move back!!
I also wanted to start making some new pants for H. Sure, we've gone out and bought a bunch since he's outgrown the size 2 pants, but I do recall D running around in a fair few pairs of pants that I had proudly made for his wardrobe as well in his day. As he got older it faded cause it wasn't quite as cool, as well as it's usually cheaper here in the states to just buy, but dang it I need to get H started in this trend.
What I need to buy in the near future for these projects?
Some elastics for waistbands, and some parchment paper for the Plastic Fusing Proccess.
How long do you think it'll take me to burn this spark out?

7 thoughtful remarks:

Janet said...

hard to say, but I think it's a GREAT idea! I saw that post too and if I had an ounce of talent in that direction, I'd love to make the braided rug!

only a movie said...

The cloth boxes look so cool. I wish I could sew...

Kitten said...

I'm intrigued by the plastic fusing. I think I need to look into this. I need a new raincoat!

Hepburn Hilton said...

This project need pictures! Would love to see what you can do with some plastic bags!!

Jodi said...

I wish I was crafty. I can't even use Krazy glue without glueing myself to ... myself.

Nietha said...

awesome idea

Anonymous said...

that chalk board wall sounds pretty neat..... the plastic bags I have seen that sewing lady make jackets out bags, never thought of fusing them.