Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thoughts on You

"She wants to be set free
Wants the space to feel love and be angry"
Tom Cochrane - Wish You Well

It's a beautiful night out tonight. Slight breeze, warm. It's my quiet after the storm.
Other than cleaning all day today and making a fabulous meal for my visiting FIL, I had a wonderful day with my boys. They were calm, and reasonable.
The calendar has filled up quickly this month with new and old obligations and I'm surprised that it's gotten so full, so quickly.

"When I see my Honey Bee
Well I got somethin' to say"
Tom Petty - Honey Bee

I feel...
All day today as I was listening to my music, and doing my days' work, I kept dreaming up words to the thoughts that were roaming in my head.
I wish...
I want you...
I want you to hold me, I want you to kiss me.
I want to feel the heat in your veins blend with mine and make this home disappear.
I want you to take me away, to be alone with nothing but your heartbeat.
I yearn for you to make my world sway with your passion.
I want to feel languid in your embrace, and fall asleep there while you whisper in my ear.
I want you to tell me everything in your heart, to feel your words course through my system until there's nothing left of me.

"But nothing's greater than the rush
That comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness I see your face"
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

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