Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thought for the Day

Did you know batteries (even the disposable kind) aren't made to head to your local landfill? That means we're not supposed to throw them out in the trash. Came across an article that said even the ones that are made to throw out are supposed be disposed of in a proper facility, otherwise they could be leaking toxic chemicals into the environments. Damn. There goes my eco-footprint.

How does one loose just a few shingles from a roof, and not all of them at once?

How good can a gear be in a garbage disposal if it requires a regular Allen Key to tighten it?

If cars can be two & 4 wheel drive, can motorcycles be one and two wheel drive?

Why do children yawn and admit they're tired, and then refuse to go to sleep?

Does Mario Kart Wii really have a specific hatred for my Mr and purposely aim to kick his ass each and every time he plays it, even if it means cheating?

Why do GPS systems lead you way the f**k out of the way when there's always a more direct route to your destination?

2 thoughtful remarks:

Kitten said...

I'm with you on the garbage disposal one.

Aimie said...

I never understood the shingle thing either and the garbage disposal...that was just plain mean of the designers!

Great post! :)

I forgot to let you know that I left you an award on my blog the other day. You really deserve it too! Have a great weekend!