Friday, February 13, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

It's been a rather entertaining week with my boys. I must admit though we've been busy, I've been enjoying watching them.
*yawn* *rubs eyes* *stretches* I'm so tired Hunter said to me the other day, but when I offered to lay down with him and nap, he declined and went on his way. I wonder if he just felt like he needed to be heard...

Back in January, D & I started on some V-Day stuff for his class, so we wouldn't be rushed when the time drew near. Well, we were making V-Day crowns, and we were doing them one step at a time. First we painted the plates, then we drew the cutting lines, then we cut, cut out hearts for the tips, and then we glued them on. Finally I adjusted the cut so they'd fit everyone. This was all on separate days, so they wouldn't feel too overwhelming. When we first started he bragged to his classmates that he was making them a surprise, and that he couldn't tell them what it was, only that it was for Valentine's Day. Eventually along the way he lost interest. Well, when I handed them out in the class, everyone loved them. When they asked who made them, I pointed to D, and his response was "My mom made me make them, they were a lot of work and we started them a long time ago."
I felt very indignant, and almost hurt...but he's 7, what can ya do? It was rather embarrassing that he was telling anyone who would listen to his story that I made his do this task...
I was kind of taken aback this past Monday when H started asking me if it was time for Ice Skating yet (Wed nights). He was really looking forward to playing some Air Hockey with Ama, which is what he usually gets up to when D is on the ice. Well, my first response was "No honey, that's two days away. Today is Monday, we still have Tuesday, then Wednesday. That's when we go take D Ice Skating"
"Ok mom", he says.
Tuesday comes around, "Hunter Go Ice Skating?",
"No honey, not today."
"Ok mom, tomorrow?"
"Yes honey, tomorrow is Wednesday, and that's when we go to the Ice Arena"
Wednesday rolls around, and the first thing he says after agreeing that he had a good snooze, was "Mommy, today Ice Skating!"
I bleieve he's starting to grasp that concept of time :o)

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Hepburn Hilton said...

How cute!
I miss that show... I used to watch when Cosby was leading it. So funny!

Janet said...

I love reading these stories about your boys :-)