Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Thoughts & Video Making

I wonder if trees get as fed up with the weather as we do.
Our grass is still green, that's how little winter we received this year.
The church service we went to this morning was interesting, I loved the church itself, it was a beautiful structure with an immense vaulted ceiling.
When the service was through and the Pack Master asked me if I enjoyed the service I responded with "Yeah, it's always nice to see how other people do it." Insert foot in mouth now.

Am working on editing the videos we took of our Cub Scouts to make them into the Commercial I had in mind. First step is formatting my videos into a format that works with Windows Movie Maker. Am trying to get it formatted, d/l-ing things, doing my web searches for instructions on the best way to about this business.
To be honest I've got a whole collection of videos I've wanted to work on for a while, but this is the first time I've had a deadline to work with.
My Mr mentioned our commercial idea from our last Den meeting to the Pack master and he's requested the finished product for the end of the month meeting. Oh boy. Gotta get me on the fast track.
I've discovered I have Windows Movie Maker on my computer, and have d/l-ed Format Factory to convert my files to a viewable format...wonder what I'll be able to use to edit the audio, or if it's workable itself in WMM.
Any suggestions??

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Jack said...

I don't know if this will help but I use smartsoft dvd creator to covert my video files.

Check it out, see if it's what your looking for.