Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brought To You By The Letters A & K...Better Late Than Never

Last month I was tagged (by request) by *sweet* & sue @ Coffee Slut to do this Letter meme, and it just took me forever to do. Tonight I busted out my dictionary and went through it, and finally found the words to finish it.

You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. (I copied that from her and she copied off someone else, so... feel free to rip it off again).

So here we are, in no particular order (except my #1's):

10. A) Apricots - my all time favorite fruit. I can't get enough of these when they're in season, and count the days until harvesting season comes around. Dried just don't do justice.
K) Kids - I've always loved kids, I was a favored babysitter in my youth who had no time for a social life because each one of my weekends was booked solid. I love my sons classmates, and watching my little ones grow because they remind me of what's hiding inside of me.

9) A) April Wine - Ok, so I don't follow their entire careers from beginning to end, but they bring back SO many childhood memories, most of them good, surrounding my mummie.
K) K-12 - as in The Ohio Virtual Academy, without them I would've never known how to teach D how to read and get him up to grade levels to ready him for public school (and 1st grade) this year!

8) A) ABBA - I grew up listening to them, and I had them playing in the delivery room when I had D.
K) Karaoke - Love this, but am rarely ever do it anymore.

7) A) Animals - I love all animals, and would gladly start my own rescue center if I had the money. They deserve the best we can giv them because they were here before us.
K) Kielbasa - didn't discover this until I moved back to Ohio. Now it's a fav among my meals.

6) A) Accents - They make me drool (inwardly) when I hear them coming out of other people's mouths, simply because I will never have one myself (No, I don't say aboot).
K) Kissing - love doing this with the Mr, don't do it as often as I'd like. Need to change that.

5) A) Aero - an amazing Canadian Milk Chocolate bar with lots of bubbles in it that makes it melt in your mouth in seconds.
K) KFC - popcorn chicken that is...I can't get enough of this stuff, so I eat it rarely, as it could become a dangerous addiction.

4) A) Alien - The entire movie series rocked my socks, and remains a set of movies I could watch over and over again without tiring of it.
K) Kindness - I'm all about random acts of kindness. I'm the one who pays tolls for the person behind me, gives a panhandler on the street 20 bux, or picks up a hitch hiker.

3)A) Analogies - I love being able to compare two things to help explain myself better, and I believe it's definitely helped me be a better parent.
K) Koala Bears - I've always wanted to hug one. Fascinating creatures.

2) A) Aerius - A Canadian Allergy medicine that helps me immensely during allergy seasons. It has no food or drug interactions, which is what first drew me to it.
K) Knowledge - I would love to be a full time student for the rest of my life. There's so much I would like to learn as a profession, I'm worried I may never be able to make up my mind.

1) A) Arnold Schwarzenegger - My first and only favorite actor of all time. He's my hero, and I stand a very great chance of fainting should I ever be lucky enough to meet him face to face.
K) Kim - my Step-Dad, and the best parental figure to come into my life. He accepts me as I am, has never criticized me, and loves me unconditionally (no matter what crazy thing I'm up to). Did I mention he's the best grandparent I could've ever hoped for?? Seriously, he's amazing with my kids,

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My expressions LIVE said...

See now that wasn't that hard now was it? Great list....for G

Kitten said...

Great answers!

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

I enjoyed that A/K list. A nice look into the person you are. Thank you for the tips on photographing candles, etc. I appreciate you taking the time to leave that comment. :)

Janet said...

What a great idea!!!

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