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The Firsts: Isabella's Naughty Meme

Mom & other family members, this has a whole lot of TMI, so I'm warning you not to read ;o)

I've been tagged for a meme by Lois @ No Sympathy For The Devil! Sexual Firsts.....

Rules to Isabella's Naughty Meme of Firsts:
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3. Please include as many sordid details in your answers as possible -- if you haven't got any, make them up!
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1. First French kiss?
I believe that came with my boyfriend in the summer after 8th Grade, named Vince V. I let him kiss me, though I don't recall much about it. He was the second person I ever slept with.

2. First boyfriend/girlfriend.
Blake S. I dated him for a week before I left town for the summer. Those were the times of super baggy pants , tight midriff shirts, and plaid. I recall spending afternoons just hanging out on the school field. I recall his friend convincing him to look up my shorts while we were vegging on the field one eve. I was devastated when he pretended that we hadn't dated when we started school again in the fall.

3. First type.
Tall. I don't recall what first attracted me to boys. In 3rd Grade I had a crush on a boy named Kenny who had a big mole on his face close to his nose. I recall having a crush on a boy named Andrew when I was in 6th grade (and he was in 7th). I remember he was taller, with dark brown hair and had freckles. Anyone I crushed on after that had the ability to make me laugh.

4. First time you had sex.
I was 13. I spent my summer drinking with a gal pal, and discovered I loved Zambuca. We bought a bottle one night and bumped into a couple of her acquaintances. We partied together in the dark in a school field, before walking back to one of the boys' houses. I don't really recall how it happened, but I know I was on the bottom on a love seat with him on top, smacking my ass occasionally to get me to loosen up enough for him to get in. I recall thinking *No*, but I was so petrified & confused as to what was going on I never said anything and let him finish his business. The next morning I was walking home with said gal pal, who was in the room with us the night before listening in, going over my experience. She asked me how it felt to no longer be a virgin. I recall having a very difficult time walking because I was so sore.

5. First celebrity crush.
Patrick Swayze & Kurt Russel. Quite possibly Wil Wheaton as well. I loved Dirty Dancing, and watched it religiously each day when I got home from school in my youth. I loved the romance of Big Trouble in Little China. Totally corny, I can't believe I'm admitting that out loud. Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation. My family watched each and every episode, and I loved his uniform ;o)

6. First sexual fantasy.
My personal space was constantly invaded by my abuser. My first sexual fantasy was about a big strong man coming into my room, kissing me in all the right places, and then he would swoop me up and take me away from my life to live with him where we would make love each and every day, and no one would ever invade my space ever again. Picture someone like the guys on the cover of cheesy romance novels and you'd have it just about right.

7. First person you fell in love with.
My ex b/f Paul. I was with him for 2 years. I didn't intend it that way. I first met him while visiting a friend, who then took me to a party at his house. We were introduced, and a week or so later we had sex. I don't recall whether or not I knew it, but he had a g/f who was pregnant with his child at the time. I was 14 and he was 19. For the first few months I coveted his best friend, but when I realized I was off limits to him, I gave up the chase. I strung Paul along with a series of booty-calls, as he had left his g/f for me, in the hopes I would date him on the regular. I finally succumbed about 3 months later, and we became an item. His mom was so furious with him (he'd been living with her) and his lack of responsibility regarding his ex, that she kicked him out. He, naturally, came and moved in with us. I think it was all downhill from there. We drank together, like stupid drunk drinking. I recall the last few months me begging him to give up drinking, as he was starting to come home often from bars at, like 3am, and I knew the drill. 3am he'd stagger in, 4am he'd be puking into the bucket I had awaiting him, and 5am he'd pass out. When we struck a bargain for him to go without for one month and he broke it, I kicked him out. Bags on the front stoop & all. It was a blatant move that made me think that no one wanted me for me, or cared enough about me to put me first. I pined for him for months afterward, though I wouldn'tve gotten back with him, I dreamed about it. I met my 1st husband during that rebound time.

8. First proper sex toy.
Though I've attempted many times, my fingers never did anything for me...ever. I got a Pink Hustler Dildo & Vibrator from Source Adult back home when I realized my Mr would be leaving for Ohio for a couple of months. No way was going to go without. I'm so ready for a few newer models. I'd love to get some anal beads, a glass dildo (I've been dying to try the heat/cold thing), one of those mechanical dongs with the rotating beads in the shaft and a clit tickler, as well as a swing. I've been dying to get a swing for forever. One can dream. Did I mention I love whips as well?

9. First porn video.
I don't recall actually. I know I was in a hotel room where a friend of mine was staying at the time, and I recall feeling very insecure & embarrassed with it. I had a few escapades in making my own, but I never cared for how my body looked in them, or the ridiculous faces I made, so I deleted them. Maybe now that I have a bit more experience with cameras, and I like my body a bit more...

10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned.
I bought my very first lingerie set for myself when I was headed into the final pageant when I was 16 in the Lady of the Lake. I splurged, telling myself I was only doing this event once and I wanted to do it all the way. It was a black convertible bra/thong set with a garter belt and stockings. I felt amazingly sexy, and that's what made me love my legs as much as I do. I recall staring in the mirror for hours on end in endless poses, watching how beautiful my legs looked in the black stockings. I was hooked on thigh highs after that.

11. First time giving oral.
Would've been with the ex Sean, whom I was with for 6 months when I was 13. I don't believe I had the stamina to complete the task though, and I don't think he cared if I finished the job or not. He was the first person to ever let me explore the male body in it's entirety. I loved how it looked, but always thought the penis was a bit of an odd looking organ.

12. First time getting oral.
First Husband, Michael. I didn't care for it because it just did nothing for me. Honestly, it didn't do anything for me at all (despite a few guys in between who lived for tasting women) until after I had my second child.

13. First one night stand.
Wow, that's going a ways back. I didn't know that sex was supposed to feel good, I had only associated it with painful memories & feelings, so I just did it with whomever asked me. I had no sense of my own value, and I almost felt obligated. Thus, the list of folks who've been in my pants is very lengthy. I concede that the list of people who've actually given me an orgasm is much much smaller.
Anyways, I'd say it was actually my first time! LOL. I never did see the guy afterward, I think his name was Justin. Course, each time I've ever been single there were a long string of those in between.

14. First dirty book/dirty mag read.
I remember it was when I was 8 years old. It was a small thing, about the size of a Reader's Digest, on the floor next to my Step-Father's side of my parents bed. I remember rubbing myself through my pants when I looked at it, and was a bit shocked to realize the guy in the photos was putting his thing in her bum in the last few pages. The words didn't really make any sense to me, even though I was reading them.

Play along if you're brave enough!

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I did mine today!

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