Sunday, February 01, 2009

I Needed Inspiration

Looks like a beautiful day today, bright, sunny, clear.
Our garbage disposal isn't working...blah, gotta call the landlord. Is there something that I'm just not doing right?? This is the second time it's broken down on me in 6 months.
Couldn't sleep last night, had a tremendous toothache. Stayed up reading Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul. Discovered it was autographed by one of the co-authors who put it together, how cool. I had purchased it at a bargain bookstore years ago as a souvenir when we first traveled back home to introduce Chance to my family. This remains one of my all-time favorite books. I love the personal stories that really truly show just what a wonderful, caring place Canada can be, and I truly believe the authors hit the nail square on the head with the tone of the book.
I've always wondered how I can possibly be so much different from the people in my community. I feel as if they look at me like I'm a leper with some of the ideas that sprout out of my mouth. I'm not that far gone, I'm just Canadian...LOL
Seriously though, it's a difference that is so subtle you can hardly notice it in mainstream society.
I do every small thing I can to make a difference to the people in my life, and for the earth. I would gladly do anything to help my neighbor, and have on quite a number of occasions. I am the one person you can call at 3 in the morning and I will come and help you out, no matter what you will never get a No. I don't think anything of recycling, and actually get angry when I see how much garbage is on the curb on Garbage Day. I go to great lengths to make you feel at home, listened to, and cared for while visiting my family, for however long it may be, and despite the fact that I may not like you. I volunteer at the drop of a dime, regardless of how much work it involves. I dedicate myself to helping my children understand just how privileged they are that they want for nothing in this world, and how they should never take it for granted. I make it a point to send cards, and letters to US Veterans, and those still in service because even though I don't believe in war, I believe it's my duty to thank those who are involved in one for me. I regularly send cards to Children's hospitals across both nations, simply because I can, and I know they make a difference because they send thank-you's back. I hope. I believe that everything I do will change the world someday, and that I can help create a society that currently only dreamed of. I give, and I don't need to recieve in return, if you smile when I do it, I feel satisfied.
The difference? I'm not out there for me...I'm out there for everyone else first, and then me. Why? Because I know eventually someone will do the same for me, and I'm content in that knowledge. In all fairness, yes, I know, not everyone in the USA or Canada is like that either, but there's enough to make an impression on those who visit.
I guess I'm just feeling a bit patriotic after reading that book, and though I'm rather tired today, I will finish what I had set out to work on this weekend with those thoughts warming my heart, and fueling my mind on to what my next project will be.
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Kitten said...

I liked your message! My mom sends Christmas cards every year to the soldiers at the Walter Reed Medical Center. This year she sent me the address, and I got a bunch of people I work with to start doing the very same thing!