Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Made It

I am trying so very hard to get to that 1000 mark that it's nearly killing me. Currently my computer has my attention. I made my Mr take me shopping the other day. I had been surfing the craftzine sites and world, and was inspired. Of course, it was the day of the V-day party at the school and I felt like I had nothing to wear. Literally all the clothing I had have been in my dresser/closet for over a year, and none of it was really pink or red. So, off we went. I decided that I wanted to try a few recycling ideas from the sites I had seen, so I dragged him to Goodwill, to discover they're changing locations (I knew that, I just didn't know when they would be changing), and everything in their old store was going up for sale, and they were currently selling all their adult clothing for 99 cents. Score! So, I randomly picked out shirts & pants not because I knew they would fit, but because I felt ok with tearing them apart and turning them into something else. And because I like the print or fabric. Made it to the party in something I found in the bottom of my dresser after all (imagine that), but kept everything I bought out with ideas fresh in my mind.
Though it was painful I sat down yesterday and tore a few things apart. I didn't think to take before pictures...sad.
So, I started with the fabric for the shirt, cut it out to get ready to go, then took apart a pair of pink silk pants that I found, and decided I'd turn it into a skirt to match the shirt. Now, knowing that the pants were a few sizes too small gave me the advantage of adding a bit of the shirt into the skirt to make it fit, which is always fun.
After working on this, I had a go at the plaid skirt and white silky blouse I had gotten. Both rather gaudy on their own, but together....I'm considering edging the sleeves in the plaid as well, but I dunno if I care for quite that much. It's not quite fitting the way I want it to, so I'm also considering some darts in the front and back, or possibly a tie on the side or even making a matching elastisized belt. I dunno...plaid is a difficult thing for me to work with. Even though I love the look of it, it's difficult to find something in plaid that looks good on a size 14 body without it being fitted, and I may just tear it apart again to do so.
I also decided to use this white mock two piece and turn it into my fav patriotic Item. It took me a bit to even cut out the damned leaf, but I did manage I'm thinkin i may just start attaching it everywhere! I'm gonna go leaf crazy...why? Cause Canada kicks ass. *ahem* ANYways. It's crooked, I discovered after I put it on...*shrug* oh well, that won't stop me from wearing it. I still have a few items I can't decide what to do with, but I'll letcha know when I'm done.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Kitten said...

You're so talented! I wish I could sew!

Coffee Slut said...

You crafty woman! I can't even sew on a button!

Jack said...

Awesome! I'm lovin' the maple leaf ;)

LarryG said...

plaid and maple leaves are awesome!

Janet said...

i love that leaf!!!

My expressions LIVE said...

Hmmm I can think of some outfits you could wish I had your talents! xoxox