Thursday, February 05, 2009

In Which I Get My A** Kicked In Ice Skating

Today was the day the 1st graders went to the local Ice Arena, and my Mr & I volunteered to go along as chaperons and help out.
We had fun, helped the kids manage themselves accordingly, and I had a billion & 1 pictures. Nearing the end of the ice-capades, I turn around to head off the ice for a minute, and I realize my skates have crossed and I start leaning over. I have my camera in my hands in front of me, and rather than falling forward on it, I decided to lean backwards and fall that way to protect it. I fall, and roll with it. I flopped back up on my head, then forwards onto my butt when my camera flies out of my hands, and as I go back once more the damned thing flies up in the air...and makes a sickening thud...on my face.
Yup, my face saved my camera. Well all the other parents rushed over to check on me, and I'm giggling. "I'm okay!" I say, and "I was just worried about my camera, but it's safe now". They asked about the god-awful thudding noise, and I explain it wasn't me hitting the ice, it was my camera colliding with my face. Yup, anything for a picture. So, now I've got this huge fat lip, and a bruise on my elbow, but I'm feeling pretty good that I got as many great shots of the kids as I did.
The ice kicked my ass today...but I'm just glad it didn't pack as much of a punch as my camera does.

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My expressions LIVE said...

I have always thought you had cute there is more to appreciate...;) Glad to hear you and the mr had fun....oxoxoxo

Kitten said...

Ouch! Hope your lip's okay...that looks painful!

Hepburn Hilton said...


Billy Rhythm said...

Hey, you got it right. Cameras are expensive! Save it!

Janet said...

ooh man, I'm glad you're ok!

Amarie said...

Ewww! lol
Feel better.