Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well I just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction and I believe it's gonna get struck up to the list of movies I'd like to own.
Poor Darius...It's so tough to see him hurting so much.
I think I'm sick of taking care of sick people. I myself am feeling loads better and have the feeling I'm over everything now.
Darius has been reduced to tears when not medicated, which means he's got what I had.
I'm fairly stressed out. Well, if not stressed, at least worn right out. It's one thing to be sick yourself, but another entirely to watch your children be in so much pain all they can do is cry, and you knowingly cannot do anything to help them.
Hunter is constipated, and screams each time he tries to go poopie, and D hasn't hardly come out of his room and away from his bed at all today.
Today is a day for learning the tough lesson of watching your own children suffer and have to sit back and be silent.

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Anonymous said...

Dari and Hunter don't want to be snuggled when they don't feel good? I know Chance did...