Friday, February 02, 2007

It's friday finally.
Went out for lunch with mom and some of her co-workers, then decided to take Hunter in for his first haircut (FINALLY!). Lunch was super yummy at Yama's Greek Taverna, their buffent was verry good.
We went to Beaner's Cuts for Kids, on the way there he fell asleep in the car, so I ended up waiting in the car for an hour for him to wake up. Good thing I brought a book with me. Took him into the store and didn't even think to feed him cause I was kinda impatient to just get things moving.
He bawled through the entire haircut. Took maybe 8 minutes for her to cut his hair, but it was probably th elongest of his life. He sat in a pink Jeep (with sides to hold him in) and had a nice cape on.
Wasn't half bad, and the amount of hair that came off of him was shocking. She messed up the back of his head, badly. Now his head looks fat. It'll grow back I spose tho.
Pictures at Flickr.

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