Thursday, February 22, 2007

So now mom's getting a run through with the flu (so says the Dr. she seen this eve).
I took her to the Dr.'s. While she was there, Hunter and I walked over to Blockbuster and then on to Extra Foods and then back to the Dr's to pick her up. Hunter really enjoyed the outside time, even though it was chilly and nighttime. He really enjoyed watching the cars drive by.
I rented Open Season, The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine, and the Prestige. I also bought Employee of the Month.
I got the calssic juice, gatorade, and acranberry juise. I bought loads of fresh produce for the house...grapes, apples, strawberries, raspberries. Salad makings...romaine lettuce, red and green peppers, green onions, spinach. Got home and washed everything up and got it prepared cause I knew I wouldn't have time to do it otherwise.
I didn't manage to finish my folding, or even go for a trip to Petro Can today cause mom came home early from work today. She's awful sick in any event.
I did manage to do all the dishes, and cook dinner. That's a helluva improvement over just bringing my dishes to the kitchen, which is basically what's been happening this entire week.
Thank god I'm on th emend. I've still got an annoying rough cough though.

Hunter is the smartest most beautifullest baby in the world.

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