Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have been irritated with Chance, cause he has yet to see the full blast of both kids not feeling well and he just doesn't really seem to be as effected as I am by all of this. (Always seems that way from the other side)
When Chance finally did see just how sick Darius was, he came running to me every 20 minutes.
I'm getting rather tired of the "I can't sleep" routine, although the last couple of nights it's been both D and Chance keeping each other awake. There are ways to get sleep that my husband isn't grasping, including the natural sleep-aid pills that I bought. I'm getting tired with the lack of effort as well.
Apparently we're coming up to one of those conversations again.
I'm so frustrated. I've been at home for over two weeks now. Two weeks without any reprieve or any time away for myself. Do long hot showers count towards that? Cause I did take a few while I was sick. That makes me angry in any event.
Stupid plight of a fucking martyr mother. WTF.

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Anonymous said...

you're not a martyr (even though it can feel like it at times), just a mom who really loves and cares for those who are hurting.