Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, finally a moment of respite. So much to do.
I need to start cleaning cause we're sposed to have the pre-school lady come by for aninterview tommorow or whatever.

So the other place has mold, something had to've bust. Went over lastnight to help pack a bit and I could really smell it when the furnace came on.
Hope we can get our stuff out sooner, rather than later.
I'm thinking about it today, and I probly won't even be here for Canadian Idol next year.
Oh well...that's part of being both an adult and a parent.
I guess I'll just have to find a new dream, or life goal. Find something to replace that item on my life's to-do list. What's the appropriate mourning period? LOL
So, this week has gone quite smoothly. Though not everything that I want schedualled in was done, it was only a small few things not ticked off. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly.
I can't seem to catch a period of time where things are going smoothly enough to build a decent schedual.

Hunter goes in for his shots tommorow morning. Am hoping to drop off the items that I no longer need for the baby there for donation.
I feel so all over the place, and I can't find a nice stable place to rest.

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Anonymous said...

Your dreams go wherever you go...also, I can sympathize with being all over the place and not feeling settled on a schedule. Just when I think I'm catching up, reality smacks me in the forehead!