Friday, February 16, 2007

Went Thrift shopping with mom yesterday afternoon. Was originally looking for ice skates for the boys cause D's class is going next week, but I ended up with so much more.
I always disappoint myself there. I don't need, but I continue to buy, spending money we don't have. I should'nt be doing that.
I dscovered lastnight that Chance has a secret addiction to Kool-Aid. Interesting. He has more and more quirks, I swear.
Been playing with Hunter lots, trying to encourage him to crawl better, faster, and more. He's doing well with the sitting-to-crawling stage. He's already trying to pull himself up on stuff, but hasn't gotten the leg co-ordination yet.
I believe my olders boys are sick. Well, Chance has Strep Throat, and is on antibiotics, and D is starting to show signs of having a cold. Fever, sore throat, and such.
Am not feeling as perky as I have in the past few days, and I wonder why.

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Anonymous said...

He's always LOVED kool-aid, but never asked for it...just drank it all up when it was there... :)