Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I love watching Hunter play by himself.
He's so sweet! He sits there in themiddle of the floor all by his lonesome, digging in his basket full of toys to pick something out. He chew on it, flips it around, licks it, shakes it, then discards it for a new toy. I love babies.
I remember when we first moved here Darius was small enough to walk under our dining room table without ducking, and yesterday Kimmie and I noticed that Hunter'll never be able to do that cause he's already too tall!
He's pulling himself up on everything now, and it's cute to see his little legs kick out to stand straighter after he's pulled himself up. He's very curious, and is interested in walking now. Won't be long.

Poor D was so sick yesterday. he had a high fever, and in the evening I decided to take him to the doctors, where he almost fell asleep on the table waiting for her. She said he just had a cold/flu and that if it got any worse withint the next 48 hours to bring him back. Thank goodness. Gave him some children's Advil and he was back to his usual self by the time he was ready for bed.
Unfortunately he got next to no sleep lastnight, he woke me up at 3am asking me to come and get him, but he didn't really go back to sleep cause Hunter kept craying. I've been trying to get Hunter to sleep at nights without nursing because it's uncomfortable to sleep on one side for too long.

Hunter is definately a Kimmie boy. No matter where in the house Kimmie is Hunter seeks him out and crawls to him. He was just in the living room, and he crawled right past me to the kitchen looking for Kimmie. Kimmie says he could hear him huffing and puffing on his way there. :oD

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Anonymous said...

I love the updates you do on the boys...sorry to hear that Dari was sick, but glad to hear it wasn't something serious (like strep or pneumonia)...hope everyone else is recovering and stays well.