Saturday, February 17, 2007


Oi Yoi Yoi Yoi.
We're sick. Darius, and myself I mean. Darius is coughing today and the last two days he's been running fevers and the like. Hunter had some Tylenol lastnight cause he was running a slight fever as well. He was grouchy, and clingy, and wanted nothin to do with anyone else but mommy.
So I woke up with a raging sore throat this morning. Have made a nice pot of tea for Darius and I and I have a feeling we'll be living off of warmed liquids and cough drops.
It's interesting trying to teach a young boy like D to suck on a cough drop instead of instantly chewing and swallowing. He can do it better than Chance can I think.
I knew that with two sick people in the house that it was impossible to escape getting sick ourselves, I was just wondering how many others would start suffering.
So, in any event, if we get any worse we'll be heading to the doctor.

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