Sunday, February 25, 2007

Had my turn with the flu today. Basically took acetmenophen to ward it off fo rhte better part of the day but it wasn't having nothin to do with it this evening. I took a long very very hot bath in the hopes of drawing it out, and man, did that suck. I was dizzy, and freezing by the time I got out. Weak as a kitten, and then came the sweats. I was hot then cold, and I was sweating so badly my clothes were drenched and I was having trouble taking a breath without wanting to either hack my lungs out or collapse cause I felt like I could hardly breathe.
This had better be the last of this sickness.
I sanitized all surfaces today. Made a trip to the Dollar Store with the boys today and bought some wipes and new toothbrushes, and ended up coming out with those and a bunch of Loot bag stuffers for D's Birthday party. I'm hoping that I can book the Croc Talk guyfor his 5th birthday party. I'm planning on inviting some of his old classmates (am especially curious as to what Taysha would give him if she decided to show) from his old preschool, and a bunch from this one. Hopefully we'll have a good turnout.
He's said he would like a Spongebob Squarepants Theme. We can thank Grandpa Mike for that one...*g* At home I don't usually let him watch it, but he really got into it when we were visiting Ohio, apparently it's a favorite of Mike's, and now it's been passed on.
I'm curiours what I'm gonna make for a cake...hmm. Nevermind that, I don't even know what I want to get him for a gift...that's a first.

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Anonymous said...

sure hope you all get feeling better soon!