Saturday, February 24, 2007

I swear this had better be our only run in with sickness this year cause this is truly rediculous.
We've all collecively been sick for almost 2 full weeks now.
Tommorow I'm gonna go buy some new toothbrushes, and some sanitizing wipes and I'm gonna have a go at every communicable surface in the house.
Remote controls, doorknobs, handles, lamps, computer keyboard, chairs, tables...anything that we all may have touched or may touch soon that's gonna keep us sick.
I'm sick of being sick and I'm barely warding off a nasty flu.
So far all of the movies have been pretty good. Just the Departed left to watch...and Open Season, I was only paying half attention while D was watching it earlier today.
We all (Chance, D, H, and myself) went for a walk to Petro today. I believe the walk kinda pushed it for Chance though. Mom came and picked us up, and that was the extent of her energy.
We did manage to re-arrange the furniture and get the couch in the right place, and little miss muscles me pushed the couch over too hard and broke mom's lamp (yipes). Soory bout that.
Hunter is so quick now, he'll crawl over to something and immediately try and pull himself up on it. Scary times these...I keep getting visions of him knocking out his teeth or putting his teeth through his lips from landing/leaning into something too hard. Thank goodness we don't have a whole lof of touch surfaces he can pick himself up on. Though it does give one mind to keep a shapr eye on him and try not to be out of his reach, lest he either fall or pick something up that he shouldn't have.
I forgot how trying these times can get.
I also managed to finish my laundry folding (YEE-HAW!!!) but am going to have to return to it again soon. Hafta put it all away now.
Am keeping Chance company tonight. Finally decided to take pity on him and help him out. I admit I was a bit hard headed in my thinking that he was recieving the consequence for not taking his anti-biotics all the way through, but I'm taking pity.
I gave him a nice massage, and kept him company in the bathroom for a bit while he was trying to toss his cookies. Cleaned the toilet, brought him some crackers and something to drink.
I'm watching the Departed with him now to keep him some more company. Snuggling him on the couch, and massaging his hip cause he's been complaining about it.
Here's to hoping little TLC will help him mend quicker.

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